so far

there has been a lot of work this year, mainly not very easy nor rewarding

so this break at the cote d'azur is very welcomed!

l'ilot crocodile

two good friends contemplating 

and beautiful mediterranean nature

very rewarding!



colours of today


early morning

and the perfect hair!


a december


we have plenty of good food, a private hitchcock retrospective,  parties, presents and a new electronic device in the house for the kid


I am thinking about my new year resolutions, this year I want to make some, some things should be changed and I don't want to forget about it!


de de de de de de

an autumn week of

renovating, cooking vegetarian dishes, family & finally again

real life

plans for a turquoise wall, another de-wood-chipped wall, alterations in the kitchen, getting rid of all things useless & too ugly...

and hopefully weaving


back home

and sorting out her room

renovating too

another farewell to a part of her childhood

all the books we have read, she has read, they have read together

my bookworm

but still, her biggest wish is a smartphone.

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