4.1. contact sheets


packing in the studio, the next move has to be done

but a wonderful little present was made out of fabric leftovers for a little girl, eager to sew


1.1. pomegranate


happy new year!

this pomegranate bought at the 30th, adorned with an turkish evil eye
was made into a delicious vegan cake for a new year's party.


the past sucks

my favorite comme des garçons ad (back from 2000)

Working on Dostoyewsky's The Brothers Karamsov, mostly the chapters with children and dogs.
all played by six men and one woman.
 I am surprised how difficult it is to dress a mature man as a woman without loosing the balance,
but Iggy Pop did it very gracefully.



I've been sewing this together after this >>> clearly not finished yet.

Made me think about my pinterest addiction, the pictures I 've chosen and the things that I'm making out of it, my fake pieces of art or furniture.

I do have a good excuse, the books are still resting in boxes, waiting for the shelves to be unpacked.

But is a library a better source of inspiration?

Both are references anyway but I feel less guilty if I'm inspired by something out of a real book!

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but addicted to the endless picture flow of the internet... 


still life

Seeing this Giorgio Morandi at the Pasolini Exhibition last week made me rediscover still lives. I had forgotten about their beauty.
I found some at home today and collected some favourites here.


Montag kommen die Fenster

"Windows on Monday" by Ulrich Köhler

we have been joking about "Kitchen on Monday"!

From now on, no more indoor camping!

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