back to work.

one of my few new year`s resolutions is to work calm and concentrated

take my time to make decisions

stop when i am exhausted

and give myself space to get ideas

+ + +

this picture i got from my dear friend C, it's a beautiful illustration of my everydaywork, found in an old bookshop


Anonymous said...

oh, what a nice surprise, the new "wallpaper" - the blog header. very refreshing, time to think about changes :) i like it. and the illustration of your work is just beautiful. have a good start and stick to your resolutions, they sound good! ku. d

my other room said...

happy to hear you like it!
it was a very quick decision to try out this old picture i took ages ago as a header for this place here, i found it and scanned it.
it kind of expresses the state i am in, always improvising but optimistic at the moment. have a good day in the snow and kisses to B.

hannna said...

yes, nice new header, makes me think of this book of japanese architects, don't remember the name.
and the photo of You is beautiful, yes yes!
is it a photo? postcard? what size?
good luck returning to work. i have to work on wednesday again.

my other room said...

Hi Hanna, the picture is illustrated magazine size, little bit bigger then Din A4, it belonged to a series of hand gestures, that must have been "hesitating"!
have a good start with work too

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