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a set of small bricks and rooftiles was waiting a long time in my shelve, i found it at a fleemarket last year. we always wanted to build something, this weekend we made some attempts.

Lou knowing exactly what she wanted, made a barn for some petite horses, very determined.
her friend L struggling a little bit, not getting much more done then the reverse L.
me not getting started at all because i wanted to make a miniature of my ideal summercabin and i couldn't decide how it should look like, lost in vague dreams about a very simple building surrounded by nature, not knowing what it might be...
So, i got distracted with making tee and meals for some nice weekendguests and helping out with construction tips.

it makes me happy to make simple things with her, it is like a challenge to enlarge this kind of childhoodactivities when raising a kid in the middle of a big city. sometimes it feels like a everydaybattle to keep the adult and "plastic" world out of her mind.


Ulla said...

The necklace with the flowers is very attractive!! Nice and simple.

my other room said...

thanks U, i had that ribbon in my bag, a good way to get the little flower bouquets home safely

hannna said...

I read this yesterday, and wanted to write something, thoughtful, full of thoughts, but I can't seem to concentrate... I should work. 3 more days before we go. Thank you for telling this is a good season, I've been meaning to check.

You are so right in what you write. Your daughter is a lucky child.

ola said...

so I see a big room, a really little sleepingroom and a second floor is emerging, one for a working space, of which the structure is building up the roof of the terrace; building for yourself should be a realistic idea;

my other room said...

oh ola, you are reading my mind!
lou made that but i am dreaming and thinking about building every day, a new obsession, i was just about to start with a new post about that issue and got your comment, but we have to talk about it, tomorrow?

my other room said...

Hannna, if you might read that ever- , i just wanted to say i often do not comment or answer the c. because i want to write something thoughtful and very, very often do not achieve and prefer to stay in silence...i have to reinvent a comment/answer-habit!
So thanks for your c.!
hope you had a wonderful stay in tuscany

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