i am still trying to find out how to make my perfect to-do-list.

Everyday i write or draw my lists on different post-its, sheets of paper, in my calendar or sometimes even on the computer.
i am searching for categories and orders but there is no real system, i tried everything, but something keeps me away from being pre-organized in any way, or follow my own instructions.
i hardly ever look at them and rarely do what's on my lists, even if i manage to have a proper one.
sometimes i get things done and very often i get distracted but i try to be content with where or what i end up doing.

today, instead of doing tax and account things as planned, my friend D and i were sorting out and tiedying up our studio, we both were very happy with the result.

+ + +

the list above was made by lou last year.


mieke willems said...

very sweet little list here. making lists all the time as well, clears your mind ;)

hannna said...

I have a big list of things to do and remember at the moment. Bigger than usual, but half of it is nice. A birthday coming up.

eloise in berlin said...

ah so beautiful - I like that "sokolade" featured on her list!

I've almost stopped making them (well ok, not quite) because I don't follow them either... But they are a comfort just to know that you wrote it down in an attempt to be organised!!!

renilde de peuter said...

hi, this is my tip
1. you make your list in the morning
2.you don't bother about it, but you look at it when you feel the need to.
I perfecly understand your problem,
i constantly have that feeling of running out of time. But when you go sleeping, try to concentrate on the things you did that day, sometimes it is more than you expected.And ofcourse, your daughter makes wonderful lists, that is a great help too.

my other room said...

thank you for your nice advices, perhaps i just need a rest and then lists will be again more approachable for me ...

ola said...

nice to read about all listmakers; sounds attempting;

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