first day of september

this is the small place where the gangster changes his costume and finds some quiet time. eriba puck.
we started shooting today - i really would like to follow his journey through dark, quiet and abandoned places, i love this other world.

+ + +

i am alone at home tonight, L. is working in the north of germany and Lou has a sleepover, it is so extraordinary being on my own at home. the windows are open, the air is still hot, late summer, i am exhausted but happy now sitting at my desk listening to bill callahan, over and over again, i just can't get enough of his songs this days.

making lists for tomorrow is on my list now.


hannna said...

Good september to you. You have such a nice work. A very special night. I'm checking about pink ballet suits.

my other room said...

Hannna thanks, i love September but this one will be too busy for my taste.
thats the problem with my job, if i do work there is no time inbetween for anything else...that's why i am still trying to find another solution.
absolutely not family-friendly at all!

but the gangster project was and is special, the director is an good old friend, no need to talk about taste.

i should send you some of Lou's girl's clothes for V.
she turned into a boy, stylewise.

have a good september too, oh it will be a very special one for you!

hannna said...

I see. If it would be possible to have long breaks in between...
Yes, this is the month. I'd like to meet him already. But I have one book to finish and one to make before him.

Should you really? Send? Lou's clothes? To V?
That sounds very OK to me!

kee and fi said...

bill callahan - perfect music for your dark images. saw him last year. and three years ago too. just beautiful!

my other room said...

hannna yes, i really would like to, have to find time to choose with lou. i just think you and V might like some of the clothes and my friends children are all bigger or boys.
my mail is open on my blogprofile, i just need to know V's height and your ad, otherwise i ask O.
it might take some time. best best wishes A.

kee and fy
yes, he is just perfect! thanks.

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