last stitches before we closed the suitcases today. have it been eight or ten?
thank you so much caro and laura, without you we would have been really lost!

tomorrow we are going to leave towards doha and then into the desert.

somebody said this job is an perfect example for globalization, she was right. it's a strange world. travelling so far just to dress a couple of dancers and actors.

i wish i could take my girl with me, my curious little everyday visitor in the studio.
i will miss my family but will embrace the adventure.

i should be back in one week.

i've heard there are wild camels living nearby our location.

her paradise bird costume for next week's carneval is finished too. she wanted to be a raven, but changed her mind during the making, it has been a good collaboration so far!


marie said...

beautiful words and pictures!
have a great adventure -)

hannna said...

have a good and safe trip! so exciting!

at swim-two-birds said...

have a nice trip! it is looking good.

mieke willems said...

it all sounds so exciting! and the work is looking very very good!

we also wish you and your daughter could come over next monday for the workshop! would be supernice!!

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