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we have been working hard with the color concept on the costumes, so many things to consider, many opinions to be brought together and everything had to fit into the script that plays with timelayers. it did'nt worked out as a whole story but there is still some swimmingpoolblue, curry, turquoise, tired tearosepink and red in different shades, now embedded in more neutrals.

i hope we found the right solution and it's not another compromise.

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we decided against the summerhouse, the neighborhood wasn't perfect, it felt like an bungalow in an allinclusive hotel but L. bought an seventies caravan yesterday. it still makes me laugh that he really did that, so we now own a small mobile summerhut, it just has to be customised he says!

+ + +

i just found this beautiful picture via here.
it captures exactly the look i wanted to create, i guess i am not over loosing so much color or maybe i should relax and add some more accents after the stormy discussions finally will have cooled down.

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