my adventure

taking pictures at a location tour with some of the actors in costumes, trying to find out if everything will come together.

the longer i work in that business the more complicated it seems to be, but i am optimistic this time.

there was enough time to get prepared and make, even remake after finding out that some things weren't right.
i don't care about perfection, as long as we are able to really care about the film during the whole process of making, it seems worth it and that's how it feels right now.

let's see.

we will start shooting next week.


Megan Taylor said...

Wow, your project sounds exciting! I also like how you said "I don't care about perfection." Sometimes it's good to let go.

Also, I love these pictures of relatively empty spaces. It's a treat to imagine the scene inside of them. Lovely post!

anette said...

thank you, nice words!

it's gonna be a story about a strong woman in the former east germany, her being not comfortable in the socialist system, preparing her escape but....

ola said...

das sind aber tolle bilder. ich ahne, wo das ist, nur dass man die anlage normalerweise nur von aussen besichtigen kann, am bogensee? vielleicht auch nicht, sicher gibt es einige verlassene ddr-anlagen in der umgebung. ich höre ja nicht auf, dich um deine arbeit zu beneiden, nicht nur wegen den pflaumen. gruß, ola

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