renovating a new caravan, it took us some time to get over the last ones tragic end!
 a nice picture taken by Lou of some easter present she got from the babies mother (the little guy that made her want a baby sibling)
an entertaining exhibition in a very small gallery, a piece of art i would love to have!

and discovering the beauty of turn of century men's clothing linings.


C SATHAL said...

I have lived in a bus during 5 years with my two chidren. Every time I see a caravan, I'm nostalgic for that time! I would have one day again a mobile home.
So good renovation!

anette said...

Oh wow!
You seem to be strong and independent!
a friend of a friend of mine raised her two daughters in the forest in the south of france, just out of a car, a tent and sometimes houses they took care of when the owners were taking vacations.
apparently in your country women are or get more courageous then here (she is actually german)!
hopefully we will inaugurate our caravan this weekend!

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