A project I started with R long time ago. Before we met in person and before her daughter was born. The idea has been to make something together without having the possibility to meet. 

Now we have met twice and during the stay at her wonderful home earlier this month we assembled the pieces together and decided to make blankets for our daughters, here bathing in winter sunlight while observing the cat.

and I made some progress whilst being back.


silver said...

it looks so so great.
and that photo of e and l !! (and baby of course) -
it's perfect xx

anette said...

e&b&l= love!

C SATHAL said...

so beautiful post here these times !!
This project is magnifique and thank you so much Anette for your adorable whishes !!
CĂ©line °

Limestone veneer said...

That baby looks so good. Please share such things frequently. xo
~ Herman Swan

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