We are in switzerland but not in the middle of nowhere, I just discovered an open wlan access but it is nevertheless paradise.
The nature is breathtaking, the weather incredible and Lou and her friend M are the best. They walk! yesterday we did 3 hours with a lot of protests and today it was 5 hours without any complaint.
I imagined our stay in the mountains in a little hut like that but after climbing up there today for two hours I am happy with our appartment in the village Samedan.
It is amazing how fast I am regaining energy in such a calm environment and I did that hat/scarf for Lou yesterday without any effort, just inbetween, because I liked the one M had and wanted her to have one too.


Anonymous said...

hello there down in switzerland! it looks like paradise for sure... happy to hear you get some energy back, can't wait to see you all. love d.

hannna said...

looks so, so wonderful! just you and the girls?
again, always, i'm fascinated with your hanging out with your older-than-mine girl.

i tagged you. if you want to think about yourself some evening


D, oh yes, paradise, but this evening we had the first homesicknessattack of little M. hope she will be fine again for the rest of the stay, she is absolutely brave, we decided to make tomorrow her day...

Hanna, no, I am not just with the girls, we are with dear L, he finds out all the fantastic routes and is chasing the kittens when they get too wild and keeps them calm with endless storys and discussions for some time. when we travel it is the classic job splitting, with me it would be just crafting in another surrounding...and now i will check out the tagg

lk said...

wunderbar! i am so glad to see that you are having the greatest holidays!
kiss your lovely family and i want more of you! all!

love lki


lki, good to hear you are back home, safe and enthusiastic as i met you in b.
love and gruezi to the whole family
t.b.c.with all of us

Schanett said...

wenn du's nicht erwähnt hättest, hätte ich gedacht, ihr würdet in kanada oder sonst wo unterwegs sein... stattdessen weilt ihr in der schweiz und ich freue mich, dass ihr offenbar gute erholung findet!

mieke willems said...

paradise it is!!

gracia said...

Oh! How magical and peaceful it looks... thanks for the little dip into an enchanted world.

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