Details, a Tag

1. clothes
as a costumedesigner i am a little bit neurotic with my own clothes but if i manage to get dressed it is a mix of:
dark colors, preferably dark blue, sometimes a little bit red,
my friend C’s finds and gifts that are always perfect, mostly fleamarket, slightly altered by her.
bespoken dresses, skirts and blouses by my wonderful seamstress H, sadly i don’t sew for myself anymore, no patience.
obsessions: sweaters, handknitted, secondhand, Margiela and Wolfen , 40iesdresses, belts and Bally shoes.

2. furniture
my ideal would be: Donald Judd like custommade wooden furniture, personalised with individual finds and the normal family derangement.
we live on a wonderful dark green linoleum floor, very improvised, some second hand, fleamarketfinds, a few designerpieces, inherited furniture, a couple of things i would like to get rid of and some art we still want to hang since we moved in about 6 years ago.

3. sweet
i try to stay away, sugar is my drug

4. city
to live in: berlin , the first city i feel at home
good memories: bangkok, ny, marseille, vienna

5. drink
sparkling water, green tea, wine, vodka

6. music
the list would be too long, mainly singersongwriter, i am spoiled because i live with a man who got the best taste and a huge and always updated collection in music, i just have to anticipate, my choice for every mood: Kate and Ann Mc Garrigle

7. tv
no german tv, just american hbo series on dvd, the wire, deathwood, westwing...

8. film
indipendent and surprising, in the sence of directors trusting their own vision and the intelligence of the audience. To name a few:
Claire Denis, Gus van Zand, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Hou Hsiao Hsien, Angela Schanelec

9. work-out
I have the luck of being teached once a week by a friend in „cantienica“, a method to strengthen the inner musculature.
In my premothertimes i used to do kungfu which i am still practicing in my dreams.

10. pastries
tarte au citron made by my friend A. the last director i listed.

11. coffee

i was tagged by Hanna and i tag my sisters D and J to make it a familyportrait of details


hannna said...

thank you, very thorough answers!
do want to do the walls one too?


ha, thorough, that is such a german attribute, but you are right!
i thought my answers were too long but i decided not to edit them.
i wish i would be as thorough with the drawings...

hannna said...

no, i think long answers are great!
drawing... i tried again yesterday, but the feedback was guaranteed to come - i will follow his suggestion. nice to be a bit excited, waiting for the next chance to draw. first it's baking time, tomorrow is father's day.

ola said...

I was very jealous of your lp collection. I promised to myself to start my very own now as well. it might work here. at least it works for books.


ola, its mainly L´s records, hope seeing you soon. a

eloise in berlin said...

Hi, I'm newish to Berlin and to blogland, and my sister found you for me... I have the SAME obsessions clothing-wise... and your comments about how when clothes age they become more special!! OH YES.

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