Encounters & Snow

So many encounters last week.
Usually I work until late and nobody expects me to socialize, but I decided to have a break for the rest of this year and my social life starts changing. I really like it but I have to get used to it too.
there have been some dinners with friends at our home, like with my friend G., i haven't seen her for about 7 years despite living in the same city, an invitation to a big one yesterday night, only women, numerous afternoons with lou's girls and one with a dear friend of mine, rehearsals with a childhoodfriend and my sister for the parents event, a rainy but wonderful day with Ola, another turbulent afternoon with her and the children, trying to make advent wreaths at the steiner school bazaar and inbetween a horrible and memorable encounter with an old but not so close friend, obviously homeless (but denying it) and somehow mentally ill.
all of it an social overdose. happiness and being irritated at once.
the last nights snow (unfortunately melted already) and rereading anna karenina, given to me by L. is a good antipode.


2 said...

I wish i would have been part of your busy social schedule. not homeless nor mentally ill though. that is horrible and so sad! not so keen on the snow either.
hugs and kisses to the family, yours lki

Anonymous said...

what a huge lot of encounters! please take a short break, because you will have to face your entire family clan in a few days... i can't wait, nervous and full of reisefieber already, d

hannna said...

it is so exciting to imagine that you're really meeting with Ola... i think i dreamt about you.

this mentally ill part reminds me of a girl i used to know. i wasn't capable to be there for her, she was aggressive and really horrible so i finally said i don't want to be in touch with you. i don't know what happened to her.

anyway, don't tire yourself with too many people...


lki, i was thinking about you when i met H. the miserable on, cause of the christian aspect of it..., my conscience told me to be there for him but he made me crazy cause he was lying or perhaps just not knowing what he said and i absolutely can't deal with people telling me bullshit. After a horrible day struggling with him and myself I decided that he is not close enough and told him to stay away, I gave him money anyway...

D, i had to train my social skills....nonono, we will have a wonderful party, very dada (our part) and exaggerated (C's) part! Seems so close, the day after tomorrow! See you

Hanna, thats funny (and I feel somehow honored), the night before Ola called me the first time I dreamt about her too.
Yes it is still exciting meeting her but becomes more natural now, we already met 3 times and the having-met-because-of-the-blog-awareness becomes less conscious.

and it did cost me an effort to accept that i wasn't able to help the crazy guy, i felt so bad but there was just no way

Anonymous said...


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