My Daughter

used to wear exclusively dresses and skirts and i always enjoyed to collect and make them for her. even in the coldest winter she refused to wear a trouser. we always had two pairs of wonderful big woolen leggings to keep her warm.

recently she decided to wear only trousers, enjoys soccer and is very proud to be the only girl in a new kungfu group of eight (older) boys.
this weekend, starting from friday morning, she spent at the countryside at a schoolfriend's house. yesterday i called her friend's mother to find out how she feels after i haven't heard anything for 24 hours, she just told me that she was fine and if she was aloud to pass the telephone back.

now she is back home and i have to learn again that our love doesn't become smaller in any way with her developing independence. We spent the loveliest evening together, feeling as close as we always did.
+ + +
tomorrow there is no school and i will spend the day with at least three 6 year old girls in jeans.


hannna said...

thanks again for a daughter story!


you are welcome!
isn't it amazing how they constantly change and this eternal love remains the same, i feel so lucky experiencing this!
this sounds almost religious but i don't care!

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, yes... i thank you for the loveley stories as well. and what you say is so true. didn't come by for some time, too busy getting all done before the trip. can't wait to see you all, kuss, d

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