our last weekend at the lake house.
it took us some time to make this decision but it did'nt work out for us in the end.
the only thing that made it easier but is still unimaginable was that the owners fell half of the beautiful trees in front of the house, what a shame!
it was quite emotional, saying goodbye, all the trees gone,
and knowing what we will be missing this spring and summer...
i want us to find something perfect at least with a garden, but what are we looking for?

last april:



hannna said...

cutting trees really makes you sad... L has a wonderful sweater. hope you find your garden.

Fine Little Day said...

Magic photos.

my other room said...

thank you E.

H, yes it is the "Madita"sweater, i found it in a second hand store and hesitated to buy it because i was sure L would'nt wear it! I am really happy she shares my big-sweater-love.
we already have an appointment next weekend to have a look at a small house with a garden that will be free in a couple of months...

mieke willems said...

why do people do this! such a pity!

OLA KOPKA said...

a small house means a summerhouse? of course, I guess;
the best is to be in the nature and wearing a big sweater, yes!

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