head fashion

a new fashion for the first graders, guess why...
only one of lou's classmates arrived with just a ponytail this morning. she bursted into tears seeing all her friends with hats and headscarfs, her father could'nt calm her down until we had the idea to wrap lou's scarf around her head.
+ + +
now back to rework my lecture again i have to held tomorrow for my application in front of too many people, wish me luck!


lk said...

yes why? this is funny, all the little girls with scarfs around their heads. is it muslim influence?
tired of cold ears? ein neuer mitte trend? klär mich auf!

Wie ging dein vortrag? weißt du schon mehr? küsse an alle!

eloise in berlin said...

I like the scarf trend A, maybe it will catch on... I've been desperate for a haircut and so this could be the best option to deal with my unkempt locks! thanks girls :)

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