the fittingrooms of the berlin opera in my neighborhood.
thats where we do the fittings for our theater piece this days. I like the huge whitepainted building and feel at home with this accidental mixture of GDR furniture and leftover theaterprops.
The whole atmosphere reminds me of haute couture workshops and yes, the seamstresses all wear white workingcoats.
I am sure i will miss the impressive knowhow of the dressmakers there. their patience and will to make everything perfect, after i have to go back to film work in the middle of march.
I try to spend some time in the tailor's workshops to do things like above, listening to the chitchat of the women and just doing something by hand. It's satisfying even with knowing that half of the dress will be covered by a coat.
+ + +
our first picknick this year at the french dome with my favourite girls today, my daughter and her best friend M. Another too short weekend but the time we spent together was good.


hannna said...

the place looks very inviting to me too. must be great to see the dressmakers at work.
and your picnic looks so nice -- already picnic weathers..

JG said...

were the girls dressed in partnerlook? how sweet :)

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