a decision

we decided to finally move forward, out of the building we have been living in for about ten years, yesterday we were told that the heavy construction work will take much longer.
a home is too precious to be avoided for another year!
so today i sent out many, many mails and meanwhile we are trying to adjust our dreamhome-wishes and possibilities.
the first time in my life everything was organised around our appartment, school, work, studio but like my sister said today we have been here too long anyway, time for a change!
before i moved to berlin and stayed just here i used to change apartments minimum once a year.

i feel somehow relieved and very curious where we might end for the next couple of years.

the first and last picture i stole from L's archive, couldn't resist. i don't know where he shot the balloon, can't ask him, he is at work, making pictures, the last one is directly under our appartment, looks like a cathedral.

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