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L bought a book from C. Höfer, inside so many inspiring rooms, all that space calming us down.

he has been in that gym in leipzig and told me it is as breathtaking as the picture shows, i wish we could live there with a kitchen like that.

lou's soup plate i recently found would fit perfectly in there.


ola said...

wish I would have that book too. right now. wonderful picture of the lightballon. this inframegoing. imagine a series of white objects leaving the scenario. hard hot morning in berlin. as I like the varifying words below much I like to write: chespe

my other room said...

yes i was thinking about it too, white objects coming out of the balloons light, but i am not so conceptional this days...going back out into the humid summerday, a weather so uncommon but very welcomed by me

at swim-two-birds said...

that gym picture is amazing, tought in the first place it was an underwater building or a giant swimmingpool, the architecture and the light is wonderful. I'm always fantasizing of a big workingspace and for each hobby a giant table and of course a nice kitchen like the one on the photo.

marie said...

oh this looks beautiful! nice spaces :)

Anonymous said...


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