summer + + + Lou's birthday, finally after months of postponing + + + her wonderful friends + + + being outside
+ + + and an adventurous and dramatic ending of the party in the park, a big thunderstorm with heavy summer rain

+ + +

the day before a little monster bag was made for every child


hannna said...

Looks just perfect, perfect. Congatulations!
I'm reading a book that has a lot of repeated words and sentences.

my other room said...

it was indeed, indeed, L and me (the parents) were really proud and happy!
which book is it, is it good, would you recommend it? I am searching for literature at the moment, could't find something that was interesting enough to finish, usually L uses me as the literature critic because i tend to finish everything...so maybe, thats the one, the one that will get my full attention!

hannna said...

A poet friend recommended this, I'm really in the beginning. Clarice Lispector, original title is "Perto do coração selvagem". I've started another book by her before, Agua something, that I didn't like at that time. So, I can't recommend yet.

Tove Jansson is great, her books must be translated into german too? I mean "grown-up" books.

Books are difficult... I have liked Irène Némirovsky's "La suite française", my best book this year.

my other room said...

thank you hannna, i ordered irène nemirovsky's lsf, seems very interesting and i will have a look at tove jansson too, vacation and withit a lot of time for reading will be soon.

trui said...

beautifull happy pics!
love the pink umbrella!

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