we are leaving to the cyclades tomorrow, wish you a wonderful summer and see you in august.

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the picture dates from last summer that we spent in our then summerhouse near berlin, i was practising hole embroidery then.


Anonymous said...

have a great summer with your girl! gigi

mieke willems said...

i like that photo! have a nice holiday!!!

yasu said...

Have fun!

at swim-two-birds said...

lovely photo! I wish you a nice holiday.

ola said...

art of holes. enojoying the picture. what about making that kind of art and just photographing it. making an exhibition of those pictures. as I like the combination with nature.

my other room said...

thank you and
ola good idea, i made a couple of other hole pieces since then, i just need another huge light flooded garden to take the pictures!
any ideas?

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