wonderful antique fabric flowers, we thought they should be made into delicate little headpieces for some dancers, oh how i love this job and the shop where we found them.


at swim-two-birds said...

that shop looks great, the flowers too, i'm curious what you are gonna do with them :-)
your comment on my latest post made me so happy! thank you xx

hannna said...

wow! is it an expensive shop?

there are two exhibitions in helsinki right now that i want to see. both have flowers on black background.

ara said...

gorgeous! i want to have all of those things so much! i can't believe it those things are totally made with fabrics!

anette said...

the shop is'nt really cheap but i think every piece is worth it's price.
blouses and dresses start from 30 to 40 €.

the couple who owns the shop has been collecting all that incredible pieces the last decades.
they chose very carefully, restore with love and have an endless knowledge about historic garments, fabrics, technique and historic background and after five to ten visits to their shop they warm up and are willing to share some secrets with you.
so if you are coming to berlin and want to go there i will be always available to come along with you!

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