found today, going through picture folders while updating my professional website.

i wish i could wear those, hidden under a big woolen skirt.

Long time ago i wore similar ones.


at swim-two-birds said...

oh wow, love that design! and yes, i need some woolen underwear too and a knitted dress, it i so cold here!
That slip reminds me of the movie 'le mari de la coiffeuse' with jean rochefort, there are some flash-backs in the film where you can see petit jean in a knitted swimming trunks with pompoms that won't dry anymore after he and his brother took a jump into the see.

Zazie said...

my grandmother used to knit us bikinis like that. in different oranges, or in green-violet stripes... this was in the 70s, when i was a kid.

hannna said...

wow. so nice. have to go to the library and check if i can find something similar!

greetings from -18° and blueberry pie scents from the oven!

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