girls heaven

collecting materials, fabrics, ideas and playing around with a friend for a possible job and our own project. thats what we have been doing this year and it feels like girls heaven, despite us being women.
it's not about being girlish, it's about doing what we want and like to do. another friend of mine named that state "girls heaven".

the plain green sequinned circle down in the left corner is my favourite


ola said...

schön, doch noch deine arbeit zu sehen zu bekommen. das erste foto fasziniert mich sehr. das zweite noch mehr. das actionpaintingstudio ist 200m von maus kita entfernt, bin schon öfter neugierig vorbeigekommen. bis bald.

hannna said...

i think Schön as well! and the green one is the best. i think of your green coat too, it sounds so perfect

anette said...

schön, to have both of you here.

ola i will show you around, i feel like a happy little girl with this job!

yes, green is so perfect but i still don't dare to check my bank account, but i am just too old to hesitate and i do enjoy it!

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