The Lady's House

It is nearly 4 o'clock in the morning, I am sitting in my bed in the hotel in Hamburg, not able to sleep after nearly 20 hours of concentrated and physical work. I have to show you this, we have been shooting this evening/night in the house of that wonderful and stylish lady above. She was just adorable, completely autonomous, her history and taste preserved in that house. She was respectless but very polite with a very good humor and not impressed at all with us ignorant film-and the advertising people. She offered us selfmade sugarcake , a local speciality, homemade potatoesalad and her kindness, she just made my day because it was so good to meet a real person amongst all that superficial crazyness, I wish I would have learned more about her, we just chatted along a little bit.
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other good rooms found via another blog, sorry, too tired to remember, will put in correct address tomorrow


Anonymous said...

what an atmosphere this images carry, wow. what is the room with the swings and ropes? your job is one adventure. and brave you, even at 4 am you are posting interesting links. how do you do it? kuss, d


This job was a big pain with many stupid people, we tried to take it with humor, just the team and the last location and its host were great, but it brought another couple of free weeks!
I was just completely ├╝berdreht and hungry for things I like, the room was the former playroom in teh cellar for her children, isn#t it absolutely fabulous in a strange but fabulous way? Kuss A


oh yes, still tired and obviously fabulous!

mette said...

what an interesting home - is that a wall-lamp (in the second-to-last photo)? btw - who got all your old clothes and costumes (i would love to take them off your hands!).

kristin (d's friend)


mette, yes that is a wall lamp, on top decorated with some tassels!
No, you would not have liked that stuff, just leftovers we had to return from the commercial I worked for.
thanks for visiting

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