nothing will be as before...

...as soon school will have started in September, we , oh, so enjoy this last everyday days when there is no real hurry in the morning, time to make tangrampictures of the Brandenburger Tor with watermelons, drawing tattoos on legs, chatting away and making plans for the afternoon, today swimming and nothing will be as before, the first show at our friend T's new gallery.


karin said...

Melonentangram ist wirklich eine geniale Idee!
P:S.:Dein Blog sieht sehr nett aus.

Anonymous said...

oh lou, you are just the lo(u)veliest! looking forward to seeing you all in the winter. have wonderful summer days. kuss, tante d

ola said...

yes, wonderful mornings; your lou looks very similar to you as a child at least; today first real summerday in helsinki; we danced; how was the exhibition?


thanks karin, will visit you now!

dg, yes,yes, kommt schnell!

Ola, I am always happy when anyone can find resemblance, she is always considered L.s daughter, blond, blue eyes... I have brown hair, green eyes... strangers used to ask me if she is my child! Good to hear summer arrived in the north, the exhibition was interesting but strange, performance with music, text, projected pictures, though good but too hot and busy to get into the story, very serious arty art.


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