at work with my girl

Last 3 days of shooting „Jerichow“ at the baltic sea in Fischland and the last months in preeschool for L. before the school starts after the summer holiday.
Last chance to take her with me to work during the week, the first time without L. or a babysitter and it work’s out very well. Thanks to my perfect team I have time to spend with her, thanks to the rest of the team she feels warmly welcomed, we are very happy being together.
+ traveling
+ after our bath in the very cold sea, hair done by herself
+ painting with watercolours early in the morning without a brush which I forgot to bring

+ chatting with the actors in the makeup van
+ strong wind in the cornfield
+ dunes
+ rocks with swallows nests/holes


ola said...

what a wonderful work then? and is the man beside your daughter the man i suppose to be? hm? i know his face so well but do not find his name.
one friend suggested me to take my son to work as well but it is just a dull dark officespace unfortunately, what a great image if it would be possible; but maybe in the future


Ola, Yeah, it was wonderful and very rare that I was not stressed while working, so it was a good opportunity. But taking children to work is always a perfect romantic bohemianism in imagination, but rarely works out in reality without a couple of adrenalinrushes, sweatoutbursts and with me a lot of feeling guilty, which I had this time too because everybody else was so busy and tired and I thought they might have felt disturbed by this private intervention but I decided to stay with my decision because it is a statement of emancipation too. I always have the feeling that working mothers are ok as long as the children don't appear, but thats a long and very interesting story...Hope you will be able to take him with you sometimes. The actor is german, Benno Führmann, was it the one you thought about?

ola said...

yes, of course, benno führmann!! horrible, i should remember his name;
but i am so far away from any cultural news from germany that i have diffculties to remember the simplest things; his face is so strange, even more seeing from the profile;
but i have the "spiegel" from a german friend and yesterday i read an interesting article about women from the starting 19th century and how courageous they were, specially the intense journalist schwarzen- bach, without feeling guilty and how much the new women do, too often feeling bad taking what they feel to take;

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