sleeping bag

Today I decided to give my friend S. my last sleepingbag as a birthday present. I made them 7 years ago for an exhibition I did with my dear friend C.
They are made to hide and recover if you don't feel well or just need some time for yourself.
L took some pictures and it felt right to give the last one away because today I finally started with other things that are somehow related but still need time to develop. It is always healthy to ged rid of things even if it hurts a little bit, it creates space for other ideas.


ola said...

i am very much for architecture and clothes-relationships. do you know final home? but maybe it is not your topic. anyway the pictures tell me that your work is intersting me and i am very excited that people develop their ideas just in front of others, via blog. hope you find a lot of time.


ola, thank you for the encouraging words and the great link, after I saw the website I realized that I used a coat of FH as a costume for cechows Onkel Wanja this year but I did'nt knew what they did else.
ha, this was an old piece I did but I was thinking a lot of how much one could show in a blog while being in the process of developing a project but perhaps because I am never able to show something while I am working with feature films because everybody is very paranoid about having anything published before the film is released I tend to think it is a challenge to do some things public. but anyway there are not many people reading my blog and I started liking to discuss my work especially if it is with smart people like you! And Architecture and clothes, yes, I will work on it and this was probably the longest comment ever written! Thank You again

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