kitchen windows

a screenshot from the film i am still working on.
the theme on the dress is inspired by the pattern of the couples yellow sofa. pineapple, pommegranate and butterflies, we drew it on the fabric with ink.

light outside another real kitchen, in B & C's house.


a house

we are lucky to have some close friends with beautiful houses. (this is todays view out of one.)
i never really thought that we needed one too.
but since we gave up the summerhouse at the lake this thought is getting bigger and bigger. It is growing very fast, like a very well fed monster.
we have a huge apartment, cheap and in the middle of berlin but i started dreaming about a house, a garden, a terrace at least.
we even considered lately moving to the outskirts of berlin but we both need to be in the city for our daily work, it would have brought a lot of time consuming travelling so i tried to forget my dream.

but yesterday, Lou was invited at a schoolmates birthdayparty, her sweet friend and his family living in a (big) house in a backyard with a garden and two terraces, in the middle of the city.
i was shocked, there it was, a version of my possible dreamhouse, inhabited by the most likeable family i've met since a long time, rebuilt with a lot of effort and taste.
i have to confess i felt real envy, the first time in my life, but it was gone soon and i was happy for that because i always condemned enviousness.
we have to take our time and patience to find out what it may be we would consider the right home for the three of us at this time, a house, a garden, another appartment or whatever, there are still many different ideas in our small family and we are so bad with planning...
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related cover/title and wonderful music



+ + +

a set of small bricks and rooftiles was waiting a long time in my shelve, i found it at a fleemarket last year. we always wanted to build something, this weekend we made some attempts.

Lou knowing exactly what she wanted, made a barn for some petite horses, very determined.
her friend L struggling a little bit, not getting much more done then the reverse L.
me not getting started at all because i wanted to make a miniature of my ideal summercabin and i couldn't decide how it should look like, lost in vague dreams about a very simple building surrounded by nature, not knowing what it might be...
So, i got distracted with making tee and meals for some nice weekendguests and helping out with construction tips.

it makes me happy to make simple things with her, it is like a challenge to enlarge this kind of childhoodactivities when raising a kid in the middle of a big city. sometimes it feels like a everydaybattle to keep the adult and "plastic" world out of her mind.



another artist i like, he works with materials i am interested in
+ + +
still working on the current film but already having a little bit time inbetween to think about my own project.
there will be time soon to restart.




+ + +

my mother
my sister
my daughter
happy easter


in our future garden

i would like to make things like above!

this artists nature: via here

treehut: found last year near "jerichow"


other gardens

this weekend we spent at:
our friends C & B's garden
+ + +
and without pictures:
our friends N & E's garden
some gardens with houses we considered to live in



+ + +

got up at four, went to work, picked up by family at ten, spent the rest of the day with the best company, spring, nearly summer, outside from dusk until dawn.
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