The Glitter Horse at School

the costume was ready today, very last minute but we all liked it, unfortunately it was too dark this afternoon to take good pictures, perhaps there will be better ones soon.
but the carneval celebrations have been too short, Lou said, i wish i would have time to held a costume party for the children this week end * * * * * *


just back, very happy to have made that short trip and impatient to report more soon.

pictures taken at cite de l'archirecture & du patrimoine, the first one by L.


Another Horse

in progress...it's so strange for me, due to a serious horse allergy since my early childhood i never experienced any contact and never developed a relationship with this animals apart from heavy asthma attacks.
So my daughters obsession might be a reason for a more abstract approach to that species even if i never felt like i really missed something, it is just satisfying to make , especially things i never thought about before and i am experiencing that during my everyday work as well at the moment.
i feel lucky and tense this days, even with all the difficulties that we might all experience with getting family and work together.


Thats where

we are going at the weekend
my present for L's Birthday today
and for me as well, just to be away from work
and for the three of us to spend some days together
and with friends


Good Night

and have a wonderful weekend

Third of Seventh

the tag from hanna was the forth picture of the forth folder which didn't work out for me, then my sister posted this instead and gave me another number. i know i could have cheated, but then it would have been like a regular post instead of playing the game, so i just added another coincidence factor.
+ + +
in a bar on a ferry in greece, on our way to patmos.
we travelled a lot when she was small, L. carried her around wherever we were and she was always with us, we all enjoyed that way of experiencing the then new family life.


My Daughter

always was and still is very precise with what she wants to wear;
she is the only vegetarian in the family but wears a fur hat from time to time, bought at a fleamarket in the middle of last summer.


An Evening


together, plans for Lou's carneval costume, a challenge, so far...maybe i just try to convince the fabulous seamstresses at the theater to make it, just pretend that a little horse has to run across the stage to make Schnitzler's Drama more approachable.

and her, cutting out beautiful cards for all friends and family because she read about selfmade valentine cards in one of her favorite books.
(my dear sister, please forgive me to have published yours already)



a picture of L's wall because i always like his arrangements and i don`t manage to take interesting pictures of my own life this days.

it would be just views out of my car, desks covered in fabricsamples, reference pictures, drawings of costumes and glimpses of some far to short familylife, all blurry because of the lack of light
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