The Last Two Weeks

a picture taken last weekend, a tent Lou and her friend made to spend the afternoon in, very content, just in need for some food from time to time

+ + +

the last two weeks were:
incredible noise from 7 to 5 due to construction works beneath our apartment
intense but invigorating working experiences
a lot of bad drawing because i had to
lou playing violin
happiness and being tired
a theatre premiere of a play i worked with that made me really laugh because i still did'nt understand what the adaption of the poem of William C. Williams was meant to be, but taught me to stay calm with an unperfect result and left some interesting sentences in my mind



trying to find a way through my working jungle... picture taken around christmas here.
the state theater work started very turbulent - but this afternoon it calmed down a little bit, everything seems to be sorted out, now i just have to understand and decode the completely different system of a theater.
it seems to be conservative, delicate and bureaucratic, run by countless ants who know their way trough the subterraneous tunnels connecting the different workshops, storages and whatever rooms.
i try to find my way with a read woolen thread and enjoy the new approach to the work i am doing since a very long time.

+ + +

i stumbled upon this artist again, while doing research for my job, i was trying to remember his name since months, serendipity again. i have to confess i just really like the "hotel work" but it`s hard to find pictures in the net, it`s a series from around 1999 where he deconstructed lowclasshotelrooms during the night of his stays, took pictures and put the furniture back together before he checked out in the morning.

+ + +

and thank you everybody for the supporting and encouraging words for the last post!


About Blogging

a very long one...

today i met a friend who told me he asked L if it could be i had an english diary online, yes C. i am talking about you.
i said yes but changed the subject immediately. it was like someone had taken away my disguise and i am still wondering how he got here...

i am always surprised if someone visits here whom i know in person but did not invite personally.
that is stupid and naive because i put it online and therefore it's public and i did not made an big effort to hide my identity, but it is very personal too.
i still don`t know exactly why i started my own blog, maybe i wanted a diary, a regular report, a reminder for the things i like to do and tend to loose during everyday -work and -life.
i wanted to create my own little space, hidden but public.
i chose that name "my other room" because i wanted to have that literally and after i found out that "park" was blocked by a nerd who wrote just one post about his stolen stapler ...
as a room for thoughts and to develop small ideas
as a place to show things i cherish and
to share and have no concept or boundaries

but i did not told many of my friends and family about it or just mentioned it without giving away the address.
because i am still kind of shy with it, insecure with writing in english and still searching for the right form.

but trough this i met a very nice lady in person
stay in contact with some friends/family living abroad
enjoy the interaction, passive or active with other bloggers very much
and learned a reasonable amount of new english expressions.

sometimes i think it's taking away to much time of my real life and i am overcharged with all the information i get via the numerous blogs out there and i should rather make, help or learn instead.

but i am sure i will continue because it is a big pleasure!

and my dear friends i know you are visiting from time to time, so, here i welcome you personally and try to open the door for you as well!
+ + +
the picture above i took last year, i forgot the name of the artist but i know that the back belongs to my other friend C. who visits regularly!



after is saw this i could'nt get the beauty of it out of my mind, it nurtured my phantasies about a perfect winter day and today my friend N. took me to strandbad wannsee and look!

finally the cold has frozen the lakes here too, we spent a wonderful afternoon with skates and slides on the ice.
when we drove back the moon was orange and big like a pancake.

+ + +

and we saw werner herzogs "encounters at the end of the world", a humorous and beautiful documentary about the people stranded at the south-pole. a wild range of intellectuals, philosophers and scientists meeting minds alike in antarktica.



I was happy and content with the film we made.
it has been such a long time that i sat in the cinema at a premiere and not have had this feeling of having failed somehow, not having been able to envision the look or some consequences of decisions for colors or garments we made or that i have had no regrets that i did not fought for an idea which was'nt accepted at first.
I feel so relieved and free for new work. this is important for me at this point as i am applying for an professorship for film costume design because i am longing for a more regular dayjob and i have to feel secure to possibly get the job and to be able to teach.
So, i revealed some of my worklife now but i felt ready to share.

and this made my heart melt, hangover and happy mother i was today, finding Lou's hood filled with "ice- crystals" in her locker at school...already melting into a little pond. .... . . . .



a "lampshade" i made shortly before the whole family arrived on christmas eve to hide the energy saving lamp that was is front of the tree.
my L- family now pretends it's the best lamp they ever had and want to keep it, no, no, no, i still want to have one or two good and esthetic "real" lamps in the living room!

the stairs of lous dollhouse on it's roof, yesterday night.
they make me feel a little bit festive for the premier tonight of the last film i was working with. i am tired already, but excited to see it finally. even after so many years of collaboration with the director, there is always the possibility of being surprised how everything will look together in the end. thats the magic i like with working for films but sometimes i would prefer to have more control in advance, but as i believe in not planning to much, instinct and coincidence i am curious and tense.



back to work.

one of my few new year`s resolutions is to work calm and concentrated

take my time to make decisions

stop when i am exhausted

and give myself space to get ideas

+ + +

this picture i got from my dear friend C, it's a beautiful illustration of my everydaywork, found in an old bookshop


Snow and a Beast

this morning there was snow, not much but it brought the peace and cushioned sound that comes with it.

yesterday i bought my first computer game ever, i never, ever have been attracted to this form of entertainment which costs me the fun of several gamepartynights in the eighties.
but this was a hint by L showing me programs and gadgets for the i-phone i got yesterday too. perhaps you might understand if you watch this.

this embroidery i made for my friend S, who broke some ribs and a clavicle and has to deal with the state of being dependent for some weeks. she has to wear that silly medical rucksack that reminded me of a beast she has to carry. it came out a little bit too nice and her nose is indeed smaller.

lou made this key pendants for her friends without any help, she is becoming so independent!

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