Berlin, Year Zero

Digging in the darkest chapter of our history for the next film project, set in summer 1945.

This picture was taken by Robert Capa, the same year in Berlin,
Ingrid Bergmann accompanying her husband Roberto Rossellini who was working on "Germany, Year Zero", then.


weed & artichokes

green sunday

we used to braid this wraps when I was a child.

out of weed, giersch = bishops weed.

she wore it while it whilted on her head until she fell asleep on my lap in the car.


a new season

at the lake, cleaning the caravan, airing the girls after school, being excited about our small hideaway for another summer.
next time I'm going to make some embellishments and yes they jumped into the ice-cold water.

the spider net embroidery i made about 15 years ago and the fish is a lucky vintage find from vienna even if it's not auböck, it's perfect for camping.

P.S. R. & E. & J. You are still very welcome!


Vienna, the end

2 mak

3 color coordination in my interim home with the kid



will be the theatre premiere here in vienna,
everything is ready, I hope!
In the end we found time to make the costumes despite the turmoils and everything got a lot more peaceful.

I can't wait to welcome my family tomorrow sharing my life here with them,
then finally going back home
being able to stay there for a couple of months,

I hate and love my gypsy work-life, I am missing my daughter terribly and worry, even if I know she's in best hands.
They are already making jokes about my worrying, my L's.

But I can't stop it, I am a mother and I love being one!



colours of today:


super glove shop here in vienna

a lady in the street car


work & light

director vs actors vs director, not enough peace to take some time for the costumes, 
a theatrical theatre production!

but we do have very luxurious working conditions here
& they gonna wear something colorful in the end, let there be consensus and respect.

I am thinking a lot about the difference of working for theatre and film.

I miss working in day-light.

film is knowing and loving what I am doing, theatre a challenge this time, but learning is never wrong.



impossible to not think about that impossible weather...

we stayed near Salzburg, at the shores of Irrsee (= crazy-lake)
nearby Mondsee (= moon-lake).

there have been many train rides,car rides too, a wood heated oven, wonderful cousins and aunts, self made dried apples, friends, not so much chocolate eggs until the arrival of another friend, bathing outside in a thermal bath, much selfmade austrian pastry & knoedel, playing cards every evening with Mrs Hu and Mitsuro, a very comfortable Gasthaus and a new straw hat.

Now, back to Vienna, the countdown has started...


old-school Vienna buttons

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