new year

wish you a very happy, peaceful, light and exciting new one!

here is something we made the last days, she wanted a market like in 1001 fairy-tales.

and we made fortune cookies for tonight.


. . .


sometimes it's hard to decide in which order to start.



sorting out inbetween years.
found some old pictures taken in the library in hamburg where they have every vogue starting from the fifties.
those days when the rare visits at that place had to be enough inspiration before we had the www.
made me happy that i still like what i picked up many years ago, i still would like to make and have both.

the bv bag ad says: when your own initials are enough


merry christmas

to you!

we are spending cozy & calm days with family and friends.

hope you are all very well!


her farm

her all time companions, her beloved animals and today as she was in a total christmas mood she chose a white dress for our dinner tonight and even the dolls were invited to take part - holiday happiness!

making cookies, presents and a dinner for friends, that has been our sunday.

First picture taken by L.



i wish there will be snow again soon.

pearl embroidery found at a fleamarket.


upside down

i feel like i have nearly adjusted back to everyday life!
we had a good weekend and friday has been officially my last working day for the movie we finished shooting monday night!
it is so good to be back and my lists for the holiday preparations, things that had to be done for home, several crafting projects and collaborations with friends are endless but i am really looking forward to be able to make my own schedule again.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Lou has two new friends, they are siblings, clever, sweet and wild and i like their socks!



accidentally i found a nice new shop yesterday here in berlin. during the summer they sell organic ice cream and now in winter warm blankets.
today i got a link from a friend where i found this wonderful shawl today. samare.
i am totally inspired by that technique and the bright colours.

all kinds of blankets are the perfect things to have and make during winter.


light creature

yesterday nights lightening for our film.
reminded me somehow of myiasaki's totoro.


good night

yesterday night Lou got her advent calendar, the bags i needed 3 years to finish, the first years i cheated and operated with less then 24.
but today i got a red calendar too, the first picture showed the small green bag she got today.

good night. it's a very cold night here, hope you all have a warm home like we do.



another afro american patchwork master piece from here via mw.
my love for them nurtured constantly these last weeks via ic.
thank you!



this is my last job trip this year!

seen at the market today and i finally started making something again, will show you as it has grown big enough to be presented, it's a perfect way to spend my evenings in the hotel here.

have a good sunday


west berlin


looked like back in the eighties.



i found them today on my phone.
her drawings on photos, i wouldn't even know how to import the picture into the painting mode!

the purple dots are bacteria on her jeans.



my friend made a wonderful film, shot at the airport orly in paris, including all real passengers, very elegantly not interfering with the daily routine and crowds of an airport, go watch it if you have the chance.


we made

something with the woolen leftovers.
i had to push Lou and her friend to start, then they were unstoppable, i will not prevent them from making a lot more during the dark afternoons...

burning down

the caravan.
our caravan, perfectly renovated by L., waiting for spring to be our small weekend refugium at the countryside.
what a story!
last summer we couldn't bring it to the paradise place we found via friends cause the weekend before the campingsite was closed down due to an accident.
now it was parked at a quiet street, waiting for spring to finally find it's destination, the whole family exited about the first trips and adventures with it.
but somebody put it on fire with a burning mattress during halloween night, at least that's what we learned yesterday by the police.

maybe somebody just doesn't want us to go camping at all!

r.i.p, dear caravan, you will be always part of our family history, even if we didn't had the chance to be sheltered by you!


something blue

a reminder via hg, fabric interseason, such a good concept.

& got this great link from my nerd boyfriend.
reminds me of my job!



i am going to start another post about us wanting to move, no, not just wanting, no, we finally need to, it is just that we always have stopped searching at a certain point, stayed where we are living now since nearly 9 years, cause we couldn't find something adequate or better or at a nicer location or i guess we have just been too lazy to move.
whatever, this is something interesting i found tonight, while starting the hunt again.

it is just a little bit too far in the west of berlin, only two thirds the size of our current appartment, a slightly little bit too expensive, but for sure worth a thought, an appartment available in the corbusier building.


yesterdays baking


autumn light

in our kitchen this morning.

we have been preparing the dough for scary cookies as she is invited to a helloween party tomorrow.
i have mixed feelings about the kids celebrating hw, there is no tradition here but as she is attending a bilingual school where most of the teachers are from the us or canada i guess it makes sense.
so we are mixing the traditions, our favourite christmas cookie dough for hands with long nails, skulls and little ghosts.

and here are the last impressions from our trip to italy, as we are going to have a big dinner tonight to reunite the friends who came with us.


pale light

near capri

tesoro mio/ my darling, a blanket found at a church market


collaboration with my daughter
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