three little indians

one made soup and two went hunting.


two films & a resolution

"la lisière", a film that looks and sounds interesting. hopefully coming soon.


"the father of my children", a film we saw this week, it's about a filmproducer's life, the impossibilities of living a dedicated work and family life and the possibility of failure.

it starts with a wonderful theme music by jonathan richman. i had forgotten that song.

we liked the film, our friend left the cinema during the screening, she could'nt stand it and i have to admit that i respect her for being so decisive, she leaves if she feels she would waste time.

thats what i would have wanted to do today. to quit instead of trying to fulfill senseless timeconsuming pre-requests for a client.
facing a summer and autumn of work this is my resolution: just waste time for fun.



the rain made the park very green and we made a shelter because it was raining again.
we pretended to live there and made objects that we would sell at the market.

Lou made the perspective studies last week during one of the rare evenings we were able to sit outside.



celebrities (yes the first one is the unavoidable mrs. gaga) and
installations with paperbagmasks after saul steinberg.

apparently the man watching the babies is L. made by Lou.

every year a real highlight, the artshow at her school.


taking care

she was worried that when she will be old enough to care about her "styling" she wouldn't find things she will really like then and asked me if i would give her my long silver necklace.
i told her i will give it to her if she will be old enough to take care of it and that it will be a big pleasure to helping her find and make what she then would like to wear.


we have been sick. first her, then me, a long weekend that was supposed to be our small vacation, a substitute for the summer we will not be able to spend together ended at home, in bed.
it has been just the two of us L. was away for work. she really tried to take care of me, my little big girl. in the end her childish egoism won, in the evening she told me that caring about somebody like a mother was just too exhausting for her. she is absolutely right! this is my part and i love to take care about her.


where is spring/summer? could anybody take care of that please?


no order

ignoring house chores.

several short trips to the countryside.

waiting for summer to start

and still trying hard to find a good way to play with a lot of color without getting too flashy. the picture below and some more by photographer J. M. are catching a mood which is very much how i would like it to look.


marie louise

the beautiful colour combinations, the knitting, how she works. there is something in her approach to the garments which is very free. it seems like she has found her own language.

i am searching for the right aesthetics and visual subtext for the new film project. i am lucky to have no restrictions, two couples, no realism, a director who seems to be openminded. it feels like i have a big chance but it is tricky.
i do'nt want to recycle again and again, i need to find a singular style avoiding fashion or boredom.

m l v



found in my receipt box today


that ceiling

1971 aracajou, brasil, picture: leonore mau
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