please knock

before entering, please knock!

she is at school and i am enjoying every thing she did at our home.

while i wrote this i heard "her" music, out of a car, stuck in the traffic in front of my studio, vampire weekend.


black and white

found while going through nearly all my reference photos again and again and again to get all my pictures back in order.

I guess the expression on my face might be similar to the girls and everything is somehow square now!

good night.


another sunday

at our friends house yesterday, she carried that cherryblossom which she caught without knowing until we arrived at home in the evening.

i had a good morning, a very nice and surprising package from finland and a very flattering request from england, both through this blog, thank you both.

but then my I Photo program kind of collapsed. I've been collecting pictures in several folders for a presentation this week since months.
Now my computer can't decipher most of them anymore. Just showing grey squares if i am scrolling over them, trying to open or export them!
hope i will get some help of my personal computer crack tonight!
I've been warned several times to not work with that program but...and now back to work!



i got this embroideries from my friend in hamburg.

she found them in a local charity shop. it has been a series of 80 pieces. she was told that a mentally ill man copied a complete 60ies graphic book, embroidering page after page.

i miss making things, weaving, sewing, embroidering, that's what i want to do now.
my costume job is so so time consuming there is no balance. we have been cleaning up the studio today, it made me crazy to know that i am not going to be able to use all the collected material soon.

i shouldn't complain.

it's all in my head and there will be time to realize all of it.



s u n day

at my sisters new garden.

instead of helping them to finish their future lawn we made a tipi and took a walk.

the second picture was taken by Lou's friend E. It's me and Lou, we spent some weeks on our own, my daughter and me.
first we have been travelling for about 10 days and after we came back L. went to Fuerteventura the next day where he is now stuck, abandoned on a former prisoners island until the islandic volcano stops spitting and smoking.

I really want him to come back but i enjoy my time with my little L.


long hours

shooting after dark and preparing while there is light. thats what i am doing since a couple of days.

the picture above that i took last night might illustrate how i will probably feel this evening.



some characters from tonights work. accessories and hair for a musicclip.

he looks like andy w. which hasn't been my intent but i like him.



we both met our best friends there. Lou and me.

pictures of my dear C's home. can you see "pogopunk" engraved on the spoon?



seems like everybody can't stop making things here in this family. maniancs, that's what we are.

an improvised collaboration by my father and me, a little present for a dear familyfriend who made that beaded headpiece.

lightgrey knitting by my mother.

drawings by Lou, thank you Hanna for the great book tip and inspired by that something for the sweet neighbor girl.


some green finally

Lou and me are at my parents in the south.

there are three girls in her age living in the same house, happiness, grandparents and friends.

my mother wanted to see the spring snowflakes (Leucojum vernum) today, we found seas of them and moss.

my father is making a wooden bus for her little animals. so nice.
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