Ida II

this lady is about my age and loves to wear exquisite garments cause the only thing i did as a child was making clothes for her and changing her outfit constantly.
she was made by my mother and today Lou made a "Rodarte" piece for her, she refused to even try on the crocheted one i found for her, maybe she finally get's a little bit spoiled!


small steps

still have to keep it small with renovation and change.

instead piles of papers with countless numbers should be found, organized in columns, added and squeezed into a certain big number to finally finish that monster of a job i did!

i am dreaming about making things like above way bigger and there are some good news too, i am on the short list for the teaching job i've been applying for last year.
now waiting for the final decision gets a little bit easier, maybe.

+ + +

i like this piece of art. it's called "better days" and the stains are embroidered.



finally back home, we have plans for some renovation in the apartment.
i wish i could do everything by myself, like in a dollhouse, pictures from here.



we had time to sort out this beautiful old memory-game i discovered recently, not all pairs still complete.

and thats how Lou's room looked like after shifts of different weekend visitors stopped over since friday.

i am now off for my last working week in hamburg, already very impatient to be back home and free!



hard to catch her, but i am really proud to have finished a handknitted garment myself. a perfect collaboration, she made a drawing and chose the colors. we are both very happy with it!

+ + +

have a good weekend!


beautiful back

my friends son in a cardigan Lou grew out of.

his wooden pinocchio in a sweater his mother found at a fleamarket.

now i am going to finish what i have been knitting during the evenings i spent far away from home.



an adventurous week with my girl, at work in hamburg.
despite the poor girl getting sick, me still recovering, a lot of work and mostly bad weather we enjoyed most of it.

good friends, a huge garden with two donkeys for a while, her first ride en galoppe, cinema, a night in a hotel, a surprisingly beautiful museum, my costume department supporting me every day and my very patient daughter made it a good week.

+ + +

another location at the river elbe

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