her world

yesterday she got two new little plastic creatures.
since then she has been preparing their welcoming party and baptism. their names will be tigerlily and cutie.

she is'nt baptised.



+ in progress
+ left over
+ made last weekend

have a good one, all of you



wonderful antique fabric flowers, we thought they should be made into delicate little headpieces for some dancers, oh how i love this job and the shop where we found them.



the job is finally confirmed, so the next weeks are going to be all about colour, glitter, feathers, ethnic, fantasy, fairytale-costumes for a small country at the persian gulf.
how lucky we are!
and yes, we are going to be there for a couple of days in the middle of february too.


girls heaven

collecting materials, fabrics, ideas and playing around with a friend for a possible job and our own project. thats what we have been doing this year and it feels like girls heaven, despite us being women.
it's not about being girlish, it's about doing what we want and like to do. another friend of mine named that state "girls heaven".

the plain green sequinned circle down in the left corner is my favourite



to celebrate a friends birthday, pictures taken in his apartment where he lives with his two sons, thirteen and ten.

they are beautiful, polite, sweet and fluent in three languages, no wonder Lou is totally attracted by them.
yesterday night she told me that they took her out for lunch to a chinese restaurant around the corner inbetween helping to prepare their fathers party. she pretended she could'nt share my excitement for this treat but i am sure she enjoyed every minute.

i bought myself a wonderful green coat here it wasn't planned but i just couldn't resist and it still feels right!



more knitted underwear and a donkey for kids, dating from 1877.

they are my favourite animals, maybe because i always have to carry so much around too.

i found the pictures while looking for an illustration for a childrens cape, i wanted to explain Lou how it looks.
i really want to have one too, a mother and daughter cape.

i really miss the times when she used to dress up in her very special way, it must have been my influence, she just adapted, it's all about jeans & sweater now.

probably i am just thinking about our wardrobe because we are going to Paris for the weekend...




cooking dinner for friends, already being rewarded as one of the best evenings this year


& finally throwing the christmastree out of the window

we had a really good winter-weekend, hope yours was delightful too!



found today, going through picture folders while updating my professional website.

i wish i could wear those, hidden under a big woolen skirt.

Long time ago i wore similar ones.


2 0 1 0

my man and daughter are real pyromaniacs, i never lit any explosive thing in my live, she doesn't believe that, my little fireckracker loving girl!

happy new year!

we started it all white, there should be always snow at the first of january, so beautiful and encouraging for a good beginning.
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