tindersticks - Medicine (official video) from tindersticks on Vimeo.

the new tindersticks album " the something rain" is out, one of my all time favourite bands and long term collaborators of claire denis, a favourite director of mine.



new scarves, i started experimenting with some graphic and organic forms, parallel on the same warp.


^^^^ ^

a paperweight she made for L's birthday yesterday

& and an award for our film too, best director! 

 saturdays best of both worlds 



today i decided to quit the festival hype after one week of watching films and socializing and started warping up.
it's good to use my hands again. an easy way of coming back into the more productive mode.
i am not good without it, makes me weak, i need to be grounded by a repetitive craft or a challenging task.
L says i am horrified by the void, maybe i should improve my doing nothing abilities.


la bestiaire

one of my personal highlights so far 


film fever

after the premiere last night i feel like a child that ate too much sugar, but there is a lot of happiness too. 
i am not so used to be really content with my work and what we, as a team, did together. i somehow have to learn to deal with that and i am curious how it will affect my future work.

today i finally started watching other peoples work at the festival and the first film i saw today touched me deeply.
marina abramovic, what a bighearted, brave and powerful artist she is.
beautiful in all meanings!

the picture is a still from the film "Barbara" and this is the decision to show some results of my professional work here.

oh, in the end L chose my outfit for yesterday night out of my existing wardrobe after i got very confused about it. a more elegant version of the russian style last time and as i never gave it a second thought it must have been perfectly right! 


what to wear

we are back and today starts the berlin film festival.
the film we made last year made it into the competition and that means there are several occasions where i have to be dressed "occasionally".
i am not good with dressing myself up, i feel much more comfortable with doing that for others.
last time i ended up in a folkloristic russian inspired dress made by myself and thick woolen thigts as it is always very cold in february, worn together with the strangest seventies inspired sandals. no, i have no explanation for that and this time i need at least three outfits!

wish me luck!


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it's snowing outside tonight, we caught the snowflakes in our hair to admire their incredible perfect shapes.
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