last days

at home and the lake before I am heading towards Kanada for two months, shooting the art-house western.

I do feel like a conquerer on a mission, leaving my loved ones for a long time.

It's exciting and a little bit too adventurous, I will miss the little water-monster like crazy but she will be in very good hands with her dad & the rest of the family.

it's summer here, hot and green and wonderful!


today's patterns

costume-rehearsal on horses, accompanied by the very happy kid


B & B

a present for me


some beans that shared their threads



for the cat
he get's his dinner every evening freshly served out of the lake!

tomorrow we are going to make 4 fishing poles for the girls



"it finally feels like summer, mom"

we are spoiled, too many summers spent at mediterranean costs.

this year we are going to stay here.

camping, spending time together & for me: lot's of hand sewing

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