autumn light

in our kitchen this morning.

we have been preparing the dough for scary cookies as she is invited to a helloween party tomorrow.
i have mixed feelings about the kids celebrating hw, there is no tradition here but as she is attending a bilingual school where most of the teachers are from the us or canada i guess it makes sense.
so we are mixing the traditions, our favourite christmas cookie dough for hands with long nails, skulls and little ghosts.

and here are the last impressions from our trip to italy, as we are going to have a big dinner tonight to reunite the friends who came with us.


pale light

near capri

tesoro mio/ my darling, a blanket found at a church market


collaboration with my daughter


we saw in italy.
the graphic blue ones and the ceramic eggs are very dominant in this hotel , gio ponti designed in the late 50ies, it is still quite the same as it was 50 years ago.
we spent a lazy afternoon in the lounge bar and were aloud to look around.



from some of the supercurvy roads at the coast near napoli.

it has been a beautiful voyage, more soon.



that's what L. got me to read on our trip. the volcanolover.

we are starting tomorrow morning towards the coast of amalfi, can't wait.



via here.

wish i wouldn't have to shop so much in my real life.


last week's

i-phone pictures.
some of the colourful moments in my insanely packed workweek.

we are going to napoli, end of next week. the whole family and some friends.



at home, trying to declutter all the piles of things that we are all collecting, i gave up and took pictures.

now little L and i are going to pick up some of our belongings that are still in our former summerhouse as our friends are moving out as well.
seems so long ago...

wish you a happy weekend
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