this sweater combines different shades of neon with beige, found at a fleamarket, handmade for a grandchild that grew out, Lou never likes to be photographed, but today i caught her.

she chose this heavy yarn in the wool shop, starting her first real crocheting, we made a mice out of it and a second one for her cousin too, he called it cheesenumber.


home and where K L grew up

yesterdays pictures from home.

& some details from todays location, a house in hamburg where Karl Lagerfeld grew up. he made a book about it and then sold it to a record label tycoon.


a tent


a whole day on set because everything is so chaotic and unpredictable with this film here, it always makes me feel like i am living in a artificial world. everything related with my real live fades out, but my duties are becoming blurry too.

but at least i saw the illuminated tent and it reminded me of all the interesting things i will be able to care about soon again, after this project will be finished, when back into my "real" life for a longer period.

old friend

back in the harbor city for work.
tonight while making a very last minute little-red-riding-hood hood i discovered this small creature in my friend's studio.
it was one of many tests for a commissioned pet i made long time ago, ha, i even found a picture of him online.



friday evening after a long working week, a short visit to the forest where the wolf we made took over the first time.
it's all about crime and grimms fairytails this time.

then finally back home, enjoying domestic pleasures.



in hamburg have wonderful names:

tomorrow, on my way to Blaukissensteg = blue cussion stay i will cross Schulterblatt = bladebone

and then have to pick up something in ABC street

i used to live in nonnenstieg = nunsfootbridge and drink too much in silversack.

+ + +

the shoes of glass i saw last week in my hometown berlin in m├╝nzstrasse = coinstreet

can't wait to be back home next friday in my street with the un-p.c. name


home alone II

back to berlin for the weekend, L away for work, filming a chain-smoking female politician and my Lou not at home too, she is horseriding at the countryside with my little sister. i miss her so so much, my small big girl.

the pictures were taken last weekend at another childrens gardenparty. it still felt like summer then.
last week autumn finally overtook.

yesterday we celebrated the ending of the gangster film shooting, i will miss his world and all the good people i have been working with at that project. it felt like a perfect workingfamily had found together, some of us knowing each other for along time and the new ones were very welcomed.
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