since three days the clouds are sitting on the mountains, looks like they are breeding, we were hoping to see snow, but it's just raining, the children made a complete world out of paper, this are only the small parts, L repairing things in the nice appartment that little M's family offered us to live in during our holiday. Thank you. More beautiful paperwork here.



We are in switzerland but not in the middle of nowhere, I just discovered an open wlan access but it is nevertheless paradise.
The nature is breathtaking, the weather incredible and Lou and her friend M are the best. They walk! yesterday we did 3 hours with a lot of protests and today it was 5 hours without any complaint.
I imagined our stay in the mountains in a little hut like that but after climbing up there today for two hours I am happy with our appartment in the village Samedan.
It is amazing how fast I am regaining energy in such a calm environment and I did that hat/scarf for Lou yesterday without any effort, just inbetween, because I liked the one M had and wanted her to have one too.



...with some work from the last years. found while going through many dvds to catch pictures for my application.
+ + +
we are leaving to the mountains tomorrow, i can´t wait to be without any dutys and in the middle of nowhere.



my little babuschka weaving a silk carpet, fallbreak, no school, so nice being at home, i should write an application but get distracted so easily...



i somehow had to edit this post...
i am so bored of my own complains about to much work and no time, so, the kitchen table on saturday morning is a good image of the state i am in and everything that surrounds me, i'll take it as a challenge to find fun and beauty in this chaos.
making a garland for a children autumn party yesterday (me sewing, the only way to fix things i am good at) with my lou was fine and i just decided that soon everything will be in boxes like the garland today, orderly and finished.
i am always attracted by slightly messy surroundings of other people, i think it is very interesting to find the system behind it, it's inspiring but i want my own world to be immaculate but thats not the way i am made and living, it is just ridiciulous!
have a wonderful week, may it be organized or not.



our first night in the train

sunday in vienna, an indian summer day, visiting schloss schönbrunn, a walk in the park and through square tree alleys, a beautiful playhut in a nursery (a good inspiration for the biggest room in our flat but not for playing, more reading or relaxing, a room in a room is something i really like) lou dressing up as a habsburger, us finding the way through a huge maze, a nice rest in a real cafehaus folding origami with a burgeois viennoise cafevisitor sitting next to us, a fitting with hospitable actors in their home and back to the wagon-lit, our home for two nights and a playground as well.

sleeping soundly in the slowly shaking train and being back in the morning, exactly in time to start school and work straight out of the train.
once in a while a little adventure like this is fine but i really hope and wish that after the autumn holiday break a regular day routine will be back.
the thing i want the most is a structured day and much more time for home-family-friend-crafting-project-activities.


travelling 2

i have to go to vienna again to do another fitting with the same actor i met last week. they rewrote the script, his character has been changed an so will the costume, only possible date this sunday. this time i will take lou with me, otherwise we would miss our 2 days together, she is the best travelling company and has a huge talent to make the best out of any set of circumstances, everywhere.
+ + +
the picture above was taken last year on our journey to tuscany, visiting my old friend P with her and L.
+ + +
the music of last week, recently rediscovered: fellow travellers "just a visitor" , listening to it again and again.



this was her wish for the weekend, our collaboration in making more paperdolls and dresses for her huge collection. she does not play with dolls, just paperdolls.



+ + +

this time the traveling for fittings with absurd amounts of luggage was worth it.
passing a thunderstorm on our way to hamburg where i visited this wonderful hatshop to buy some excellent hats for a real gentlemen and ordered one that will be custom made for him.
i had the most wonderful evening with my dear friend C in a very ugly and overdesigned huge hotel suite, they rented for the fitting and I was aloud to keep for the night, drinking, discussing and feeling at home with her in that completely alien surrounding.

+ + +

and yesterday vienna, a not even twelve hours stay, but i managed to go to this gallery after the fittings, where they showed some of ruth laskeys wonderful twill series.
I felt so so lucky, a wonderful coincidence again, two weeks after i discovered her work being catapulted to a city where she had her second exhibition in europe. it is hard to explain but i was struck by the incredible beauty and purity of her handwoven pieces, she neutralizes the terms of craft and art.
the young man who curated the show, a friend of hers from san francisco who lives in vienna now, took some time to show me around and explained how she developed her way of work, from painting to making her own canvases to weaving the hole picture and dying the colors. they both made my day, her art and his kindness.
the last hour before heading back home i spent in the kunsthistorisches museum that is opened until late on thursday. museums always make me feel calm and happy, so reasonable.
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