a december


we have plenty of good food, a private hitchcock retrospective,  parties, presents and a new electronic device in the house for the kid


I am thinking about my new year resolutions, this year I want to make some, some things should be changed and I don't want to forget about it!


de de de de de de

an autumn week of

renovating, cooking vegetarian dishes, family & finally again

real life

plans for a turquoise wall, another de-wood-chipped wall, alterations in the kitchen, getting rid of all things useless & too ugly...

and hopefully weaving


back home

and sorting out her room

renovating too

another farewell to a part of her childhood

all the books we have read, she has read, they have read together

my bookworm

but still, her biggest wish is a smartphone.



to see

as if someone had cleared my my mind and view, after nearly eight weeks of shooting this movie, 

I have been able to see again.



it has been a long break here
making costumes for a movie set in the summer of Berlin 1945, overtook my live after returning from greece.
here is a new start with some pictures from today, trying to pretend it's still summer in the cold of late september in poland and being in Berlin, 1945.
I am very much looking forward to the autumn, following the end of filming in mid october.


c r e t e

since 10 days

have been too lazy to post

but some summer posts of you reminded me of the joy of discovering new posts!

summer posts

thank you


//// /// //// ///

exquisite 40's embellishment


raffia shoes

making raffia shoes during WW2 , from the Berlin-City-Archive today



we started today with the first fitting

I have been wanting to make costumes for that era since very long

and I am intrigued by this chance.



green jungle

summer for a day or two

expecting more of it


her trip

all pictures taken by my 11 year old daughter and her friend
at their long weekend adventure.

it's been her first unattended train journey. 
they have been well sheltered afterwards at her friend's grandmothers house.

...and she can't stop trying to convince us of taking one of the puppies.



I made the yellow cushion recently and somebody arranged it in a way, I would never have imagined


R.T. & A.E.

found in the library today

Rabindrahat Tagore & Albert Einstein, early 1930ies: 

Please notice Alberts shoes!


Berlin, Year Zero

Digging in the darkest chapter of our history for the next film project, set in summer 1945.

This picture was taken by Robert Capa, the same year in Berlin,
Ingrid Bergmann accompanying her husband Roberto Rossellini who was working on "Germany, Year Zero", then.


weed & artichokes

green sunday

we used to braid this wraps when I was a child.

out of weed, giersch = bishops weed.

she wore it while it whilted on her head until she fell asleep on my lap in the car.

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