from my friends, they are supporting me with weaving the long sheets whenever they find some hours and the master lent me another loom to make it possible.

thank you all!

it makes me love weaving even more.

the pretty weaving girl: source unknown, i am sorry, must have been some nice tumblr.



i never understood the culture of sitting outside & drinking coffee if it's not really warm, especially if you don't smoke like me.
i wish i could smoke occasionally, like this afternoon, but i am just able to smoke if i had a couple of strong drinks.

but today i sat outside with a friend and even the colours of the fleece blankets seemed to be somehow attractive.

i must be under a strong spring influence.



spring is here.
it came with Lou's birthday, we had a wonderful weekend, she said she enjoyed it a lot, there just could have been a little bit less visitors. i know what she means and am very happy that she still likes to be just with us, her parents.

i love my days on my own at the studio but need a lot of time to restart every day. it's a slow process and i am trying to overcome my impatience.
the things i've already finished are surprisingly funny, which hasn't been intended but well, they seem to be in a good mood and so am i.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

i set up a tumblr, some inspiration for my current weaving work, you are welcome to have a look.


i i i i i i i i i

it's her birthday, tomorrow, saturday, my little one will turn nine, still such a child but i could already sense something else, a strong will to become independent soon.

like always i started very late with preparations and used a lot of cf inspiration, i hope they will forgive me!

i am quite sure the girls will like it!



i am trying to be aware of all the small moments of joy, every day. they are so volatile and not guaranteed.

unintended artificial freckles of tomatoe-sauce and black water colour

rest after the new evening ritual "cosmetic studio"



apparently, i somehow lost the thread here, again.

i made this blog to find out what i wanted to do beside my job as a costumedesigner, a neutral platform to publish some of my inspirations, show peeks into my everydaylife and to share some of the constant pleasure i have with my kid.

it seems like i finally found something that i want to learn, explore and make now and in the future, yes, weaving.
luck, coincidence and a close friend made it happen that i will have the chance to show some of the weaving experiments this summer at a nice and public place which means i can't show a lot of it here until then (the friend is very strict with that!).

so, at the moment i am a little bit helpless about what to post here or maybe most of my energy is absorbed in the real life and making but i still like to go on, i cherish this small public corner and the people i met here.

somehow it feels like a quiet little cafe around the corner where i come to a stop from time to time.
i just developed the bad habit of becoming a little bit sloppy, maybe i should dress up and care a little bit more.


L's brother has been to the amazonas in peru and brought some necklaces and beautifully beaded pieces.
now she wants to be a djungle girl for carneval, this is one of our reference pictures but she said she is not going to wear fake breasts.

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