last days

+ of shooting: prop sale on location

+ of chaos at home: this is a wish, i guess

+ of summer: we are outside as much as possible and are enjoying an incredibly beautiful indian summer this year


for O

some autumn colour. nothing new but i liked the big bunch of hagebutten i got, is it really dogrose or rosehip in english?

i am telling myself to take more pictures these days but it's like i don't feel like catching something.

as if i have to finish this project before my eyes and mind will be clear and alert again.

i am patient and i somehow think i need this unproductive periods in between.

i am watching and collecting and waiting.


a long week

travelling between home and different locations


i i i i i i i i i i i i

on my working table this morning!

back at home now, i've got the nicest present from my man, my daughter's gift for me still unfinished, she really seems to come after me. ( i was wearing an unfinished silk-skirt for the wedding last weekend)

it's my birthday today and it has been a very good one so far. despite i started it far away at work on set.

tomorrow there will be more work but here at home and then some celebrating!


E. M.

i am going to miss this tonight!

what a pitty


- _ - _ - _ - _ - _

+ extras, playing

+ african weaving

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