she knows how to throw an outfit without any designer pieces, got a lot of humor and is so encouraging, sweet and talented.
so good to spend time with her and happy she will finally show again some of her paintings this year!

she was dressing up for a little stroll and i was ready to get out of my beloved unequal shoes whom i considered to be for everyday wear now after a long period when they were used exquisitely for special occasions.


hamburg again

when i met L, i was living in hamburg, he in berlin. he then loved to play the song by german band lassie singers about my former town. there is this line where they sing about the big boats, sleeping at the harbour. today i wanted to see them.
i am here again for work.
this afternoon after a sunday fitting i walked to the harbor, craving for a real fischbrötchen with matjes, finally beeing able to see the city from a neutral point of view. my personal history related to this city fading slowly away, discovering its beauty again, like when i arrived nearly 20 years ago to start my own life in a new city.
it has been a wonderful warm summer day, very rare in this rough city.

and i will live here for the next weeks with one of my closest friends and her family in an apartment where i literally like everything.


these days

no time for posting recently, there has been just work, but ok, i wish i just would have a little bit more time for my girl and man.

i had a wonderful birthday, i did'nt expect anything because there was/is nearly any private life at the moment, instead the day was full of sweet surprises, beautiful presents and an improvised little party.
usually i am little bit embarrassed by all the rituals and attention, but this year, i enjoyed all of it!
thank you all!

maybe i got some routine after all this years...and somehow i still like getting older, learn more, hopefully change things and become a real lady.



do you see her?

she was special but wore to much make-up.

another fitting for another project, a lot of work has to be done after the long break


first day of september

this is the small place where the gangster changes his costume and finds some quiet time. eriba puck.
we started shooting today - i really would like to follow his journey through dark, quiet and abandoned places, i love this other world.

+ + +

i am alone at home tonight, L. is working in the north of germany and Lou has a sleepover, it is so extraordinary being on my own at home. the windows are open, the air is still hot, late summer, i am exhausted but happy now sitting at my desk listening to bill callahan, over and over again, i just can't get enough of his songs this days.

making lists for tomorrow is on my list now.
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