at Lou's school, the three of us like going there, everyday.
sometimes in the morning i wish i could stay in the classroom with them.
they put so much effort and enthusiasm in everything they do with the kids.

this boy with his slightly puffed sleeves caught my attention. why are girls clothes on boys irritating, or like in this case for me so appealing?



inspired by some second hand books about handwoven carpets and R.'s superbeautiful and impressive post, found both at the same day, i discovered weaving and can't stop testing, reading, drawing and playing around.
i ordered some special tools and am dreaming about a big loom to be able to make carpet-size fabrics
so maybe, i finally found my crafting destination...
so much to try out now!

+ + +

my favourite contemporary young female artist, the queen of delicate weaving, have a look at her work, go see the twill series on her site

+ + +



from last weekend's trip to the baltic sea, i just can't get enough of that red and blond heads in the green meadow...

...and i am in a very good mood right now because i finally made some small tests tonight, more about that soon.



the evening we arrived, there was a wonderful thunderstorm.

+ + +

and i am very honored that this sweet young men who travelled with us considers to marry me (and L.), later...



i found that picture last weekend. i remember exactly the colors of the flowerpattern on the dress our grandmother made for me and my sister D, the blue of the hexagonal table our father made and how often i have been sitting there at my favourite place near the window.

i still have the same hairstyle and am very much looking forward to do the next weeks what i was doing then. making things out of fabric and eating chocolate.

after tomorrow we are going to have a long weekend break at the baltic sea and then i will be finally back to real life.


light green leafs

was the currency for the shop, set up this afternoon on a very small playground near school. they sold tidbits and vegetables from turkey and italy.
incidental encounters lead into a special afternoon, as if summer has started and i am finally feeling way lighter...


at home

we made some attempts to choose and frame some art and pictures for this wall. since we moved in seven years ago we have been repeatedly talking about hanging some art. but as we live surrounded by stealconcrete walls and for every nail or screw an impactdrill is demanded, it never really happened.
let's see how it will end up this time, but rediscovering our treasures made us want to succeed this time.

and a new/old shelve for lou's room.
+ + +
the film is done, i am sure it will be a good one, i never have had that strong feeling before.



i am still trying to find out how to make my perfect to-do-list.

Everyday i write or draw my lists on different post-its, sheets of paper, in my calendar or sometimes even on the computer.
i am searching for categories and orders but there is no real system, i tried everything, but something keeps me away from being pre-organized in any way, or follow my own instructions.
i hardly ever look at them and rarely do what's on my lists, even if i manage to have a proper one.
sometimes i get things done and very often i get distracted but i try to be content with where or what i end up doing.

today, instead of doing tax and account things as planned, my friend D and i were sorting out and tiedying up our studio, we both were very happy with the result.

+ + +

the list above was made by lou last year.


at work with my girl again

taking the advantages of a saturday working day at a public swimmimgpool.
Accompanied by Lou it made real sense. she couldn`t wait to swim in the ice cold water, learned something more about the absurdity of making a film like preparing a fake pregnat belly with oil to look wet and even met a new friend.

abandoned swimmingpools are making me calm and spending a whole day with my daughter always makes me happy.



are what's on my mind and as long as i am occupied with my daywork, i am looking at other peoples pictures of them.

first picture w.tilmans, second one found somewhere.


grey outside

today, and grey inside as well. there was no reason but everything i could think about was to hide inside something she did like above.

later my family made me want to get out again and Lou started to love playing her violine, after weeks with me forcing her to practise at home - she was unstoppable this afternoon.
i already had doubted the decision to let her have violin lessons but she absolutely wanted to and went with the family tradition.
i stopped after seven years but still dream sometimes about playing in a big symphonic orchestra, that feeling of being inside that cloud of sound is very special!


a bird

i found that picture as a prop on our set and took a bad picture with my phone, i wish he could become friends with her


first of may

rowing with a small boat through the canals at Tiergarten park
+ + +
and somebody moved into Lou's building and planted a tree
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