state of mind



i can't believe i made it!
two impossible (work) days.
lou is much better, (i hope she still is) and on a field trip with her class for three and a half days, she was so happy that she didn't missed it.

it feels like the week had already passed, so i will just start my new one tomorrow.

blurry pictures taken by me from interesting surfaces/patterns in costumehouses, all sleeping in a little folder on my computer and very useful for days when there is no time to take pictures.


this bed

taken by annie leibovitz is something i quite like.
just one of the million pictures i was diggin for another job.

life is full of work turbulences and some good private moments.
we had a sick child, hopefully good again now, i am dreaming about a very, very calm winter.

wish you a good week everybody!

i am a little bit afraid of the first two days of mine...


today's finds

that painting hanging at her school "the blind women".

"ladies pullover size 38/40", found in my archive.

my eyes are red and itchy after browsing my picture library and the internet 3 nights for job references.

have a good tuesday everybody, i will close my eyes now.



sweet home.

i love this city, being with my family and friends and even that crazy work dominated life feels so much lighter here, at my home.

sweet, sweet everyday pleasures!

this is an old picture, dating from april, i hope i didn't posted it before, but even when, it illustrates so well how it feels to be back (for some days...)



i tend thinking that i am done with fashion but some of this outfits brought back my old passion for the perfectly elegant effortlessness.



thüringen, day x

i feel like i could leave now, but there is some work left.


thüringen, a weekend

with them i was able to discover the beauty around here.

the golden ball on the red thread is a necklace she made for me as a birthday present. it is a gigantic piece of jewellery and i love it!


thüringen, day 9

i lost the track here in thüringen.

trying to update my visual notebook soon.

but the film is going to be so good and beautiful!



thats where she learnt to braid flowers.

while waiting for help at the autobahn, what a weird but good sunday.


thüringen, day/night 5

more forest at the lake

the rushes have been beautiful and good, working with this crew is like coming home.

looking so much forward traveling to my real home tomorrow.


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