postcard from greece

one week, just the three of us, being together in our friends house, hot and windy days, slow and dreamy.

two days ago we travelled to the island that lou is spotting from her roof, meeting friends, now three blond girls formed a very happy gang, running, talking, singing, giggling and bathing endlessly.

a summer dream

hope you are well



we are leaving to the cyclades tomorrow, wish you a wonderful summer and see you in august.

+ + +

the picture dates from last summer that we spent in our then summerhouse near berlin, i was practising hole embroidery then.


last days of school

summerbreak will be soon & this mornings birds and bats will all fly away

`´ `´

`´ `´ `´

`´ `´



“I want to paint the film as one paints the canvas”, the "red desert" 1964, his first color feature film.
for this scene everything was painted grey to illustrate monica vitti's mood.

and his paintings, enlarged photographies and collages of small watercolors, yes, the same technique like used in "blow-up" 1966.

+ + +

i was a little bit afraid of going back to work in august but an approach and references like antonionis work make me want to start again and even able to appreciate another possibility to work at the look of a film.


o o z

thats how my group of four young ladies called themselves whom i had to take care of this morning.


hands & scissors

the way they dress, the scissors, the hands & what they created, both of them perfectly graceful.

madame gres, alias alix barton, alias germaine emilie krebs, picture taken from an 60ies fashion magazine, can't remeber exactly which one

lygia clarc via czn



summer + + + Lou's birthday, finally after months of postponing + + + her wonderful friends + + + being outside
+ + + and an adventurous and dramatic ending of the party in the park, a big thunderstorm with heavy summer rain

+ + +

the day before a little monster bag was made for every child


her party

has to be prepared, i shouldn't exaggerate.


c h

+ + +

L bought a book from C. Höfer, inside so many inspiring rooms, all that space calming us down.

he has been in that gym in leipzig and told me it is as breathtaking as the picture shows, i wish we could live there with a kitchen like that.

lou's soup plate i recently found would fit perfectly in there.
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