our last weekend at the lake house.
it took us some time to make this decision but it did'nt work out for us in the end.
the only thing that made it easier but is still unimaginable was that the owners fell half of the beautiful trees in front of the house, what a shame!
it was quite emotional, saying goodbye, all the trees gone,
and knowing what we will be missing this spring and summer...
i want us to find something perfect at least with a garden, but what are we looking for?

last april:



head fashion

a new fashion for the first graders, guess why...
only one of lou's classmates arrived with just a ponytail this morning. she bursted into tears seeing all her friends with hats and headscarfs, her father could'nt calm her down until we had the idea to wrap lou's scarf around her head.
+ + +
now back to rework my lecture again i have to held tomorrow for my application in front of too many people, wish me luck!



on my way home i saw this illuminated part of the construction site in our house, it is below our appartment. they tear down the complete facade, pull out all the walls, big renovation project after our house was sold, with the intention to rent out the commercial space more expensive.
the noise is unimaginable, you can't have a normal conversation inside our flat. somehow we got used to it and just try to be not at home during the day, but with all my projects coming to an end soon i start thinking about how to survive this any longer.
i guess i will finally start searching again for a more peaceful place for all of us but on the other hand we don't want to give up our behemian antonioniesque island in the middle of the city.
+ + +
lately i discovered patterns on fabric for my work. i used to tend to keep it all plain, just combining colors.
we had a handprinted coat made for the theater, this are tests for a handpainted dress that our female lead actress is going to wear when she is supposed to be very pregnant at the end of the film.



a vintage ballyslingpomp found at the costumerental last week
+ + +
my own "belle de jour" patent leather pomp by bally.
i took that picture last april. now she would never ever wear a skirt, pink (apart from her old pajamas from the last post) or a shoe like that.


light at home

we had nearly a whole day at home, in the middle of the week, bathed in sun.
it came unexpected, lice epidemic at school (not the first time,it is so common in berlin!). but even all the washing and treating that was demanded was worth it, a good excuse for not working all day long.

it is her last day being six, tomorrow she will turn seven! i hope i will be able to keep all the memories of this special year, i know it`s selfish but it somehow hearts, seeing how fast she is growing up.

she interviewed L today and made this characters for a book she's planning to make. a story about this girls in front of a photographed city, she wants me to take pictures of facades for it.


yesterday night

oh i enjoyed it so much, being backstage during the theatre premiere, watching the play on bad black and white screens, getting short impressions from the actors backstage inbetween, enjoying the last evening with my fabulous and talented assistant H who helped me so much, drinking and talking with the director, the stagedesigner and the wardrobeladys.

and afterwards, the whole ensemble and all of us, being really welcomed by the audience.
i will keep that precious moment to remind myself that there is some work, worth all the endeavours it takes sometimes.

oh how i will miss that, I'm in love with theater now!

+ + +

but i can't wait coming back to a more regular life and later in april even back to real life.


a real weekend

it felt like a clearing in my workingjungle:
a wonderful and lazy saturday afternoon with all my cousins, a sister finally returned from canada and our children, organized by my aunt S.
sleeping long and sound, trying to get some housechoires done, me and L., Lou hiding meanwhile and reading under the finally hung up horses.

me being a little bit more confident about the next three weeks with:
a theaterpremiere at saturday
a new film to be prepared until the end of march
a lecture to be held briefly before
+ + +
the fortune cookie i got with my takeaway dinner from my L's said: allow yourself to be spontaneous



the fittingrooms of the berlin opera in my neighborhood.
thats where we do the fittings for our theater piece this days. I like the huge whitepainted building and feel at home with this accidental mixture of GDR furniture and leftover theaterprops.
The whole atmosphere reminds me of haute couture workshops and yes, the seamstresses all wear white workingcoats.
I am sure i will miss the impressive knowhow of the dressmakers there. their patience and will to make everything perfect, after i have to go back to film work in the middle of march.
I try to spend some time in the tailor's workshops to do things like above, listening to the chitchat of the women and just doing something by hand. It's satisfying even with knowing that half of the dress will be covered by a coat.
+ + +
our first picknick this year at the french dome with my favourite girls today, my daughter and her best friend M. Another too short weekend but the time we spent together was good.

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